Physical Therapy


How you do anything is how you do everything.

Neuro-musculo-skeletal Care For All.

Whether or not you have ever been to Physical Therapy or know what a Physical Therapist does, Movement Thru Rehab represents the best the field has to offer in the care of your neuro-musculo-skeletal system. We set these sights high because we really don't know any other way it should be. You will receive our undivided attention with one-on-one care. You will only see a doctorally-trained Physical Therapist, not an aide or assistant. You will benefit from our wide breadth of experience successfully treating a variety of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. With flexible scheduling that fits in with your life demands and clear, professional communication at all stages of your care, our aim is to set a standard for what you should expect from healthcare. 

Excellence. That's our one-size-for-all approach.

Our Treatment paradigm

Our most valuable assets are our minds, our words and our hands. With these minimalist tools we achieve maximalist results. This makes our craft both portable and powerful, and helps explain why our approach may set us apart.

Our Minds

Patients come with a varied and beautiful mix of complexities. The ability to discern the urgent and important from the less-than requires the right amount of clinical experience, knowledge, wisdom and intuition. We trust in our critical reasoning and differential diagnosis skills to hone in on the aspects of treatment that will provide the most salient change in the shortest timeframe (think biggest bang for your buck). We also utilize a dynamic hypothesis-test-retest model to ensure that the plan of care is moving in the right direction and towards your goals. Basically, a lot of thinking goes on under the hood, which allows us to treat each patient as a unique case as well as within the broader context of what we know about similar conditions. And last but not least, in a Direct Access environment like we have here in Florida our minds allow us the essential task of any first-responder provider -- to diagnose treatable neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions from those that should be referred out.

Our Words

The language we use with ourselves and each other holds the capacity to create significant changes in our health, for better or for worse. As Physical Therapists and movement educators we rely on the relationships we establish with our patients and clients as being part of the healing process. Words are at the heart of this exchange. It's always difficult to hear when a patient has experienced less-than-careful dialog with another healthcare provider, who may have inadvertently compounded an already-delicate situation. From compassion to encouragement to direction to even just knowing when not to say anything, we choose our words wisely.

Education is a big part of all our interventions. It's important because it empowers you with knowledge and shifts the control in your favor. We enjoy spending the extra time required to communicate ideas and concepts clearly so that you understand what is expected from this therapeutic partnership. We would love for you to walk away not only healthier for having spent time with us, but also smarter about how to address issues as they arise in the future.

Our Hands

Human touch carries with it a physical, mental and emotional valence. Skin is richly innervated to convey sensations of safety and danger to various parts of the brain. This interplay of stimulus and response is where the skillful use of our hands with manual therapy techniques comes to bear. As manual therapists we offer a cornucopia of skills suited to address your specific tissue needs. We use touch to impart changes to a body's mobility -- at the connective tissue level, the neurophysiological level, the fascial level. With more mobility the stage becomes set for faster learning of healthy movement patterns. Touch also allows us to access parts of the brain that can influence and amplify those safety messages to create an environment of willing movement exploration.

Our Treatment Techniques

As with any healthcare profession there is both an art and a science to the practice. We have deliberately and not-coincidentally shaped our careers to follow a trajectory that celebrates the powerful and well-established combination of movement and manual work. Here's a window into some of these techniques.

Manual Therapy

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