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Performing Arts


The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie.
— Agnes de Mille

Within each performing artist is an athlete -- a sweat-ridden, blood-fired, stalwart believer in the pursuit of a physical and mental accomplishment that cannot be separated from their true self. The performing artist-athlete toils and sacrifices for their craft with the same dedication and drive as other mainstream professional sports figures, but without the same pecuniary compensation or mass acclaim. Their reward is seeded in the primal desire to elevate consciousness, inspire emotion, shape beauty and allow the soul to breathe life more deeply.

At Movement Thru Rehab we honor and celebrate these artist-athletes by delivering services that allow them to continue performing at their highest levels. We revel in our relationships with organizations such as the Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony which reside, essentially, in our back yard.


The rigors of physical movement at professional-caliber levels requires routine management, careful clinical decision making and skilled therapeutic intervention. The specialization of the performing artist therapist must account for the unique needs of each dancer, according to their dance style and the repertoire being performed. We have developed these skills throughout our experience providing Physical Therapy to resident companies that include Miami City Ballet and Florida Grand Ballet, as well as touring companies who need ad hoc care during local schedules.

Since 2006 Elizabeth has worked as a select team member of the clinical staff for Miami City Ballet, administering integral on-site treatment during rehearsals, backstages during local performances and on international tours to such cities as Ottawa, Chicago and Paris. A highly skilled and detail-oriented therapist she demonstrates through her clinical results and her relationships what a seasoned clinician can offer any performing artist-athlete who desires attaining and maintaining success. An unwavering supporter of the arts, her background as a classical ballerina herself fortifies the devotion she brings to every dancer's welfare -- physical, mental and emotional.

Bob will be the first to share that he is not a dancer. But he does have a conviction -- to bridge the gap between artist and athlete through better, more-evolved assessment and training methods commensurate with their world-class abilities and demands. To accomplish this he brings in philosophies and techniques from the modern sports medicine world, building bodies and minds to become more durable and resilient to on-the-job forces. Through assessment of potential efficiency leaks and programming of targeted exercises he works on a very individualized basis with each dancer, scrutinizing movement competence, performance capacity and skill acquisition. This unorthodox approach may be challenging to embrace for those who are more traditionally-minded, but he knew he was on the right track after watching the documentary on sports science and dance training by the GJUUM company in London. Bob feels strongly that this strategy can benefit dancers of all styles and levels.


What escapes obvious detection during the facile performance of professional musicians are the thousands of hours of annual practice time in very discrete and repetitive movement patterns. These repetitions add up and result in a host of mostly upper quarter and spinal neuro-musculo-skeletal complaints. Over the years Bob has been fortunate enough to take care of elite-level musical fellows from New World Symphony, an orchestral academy residing in Miami Beach. From woodwind to brasswind to piano to string to timpani, Bob has worked with a variety of musical talents, each with their own special therapeutic demands and challenges. Akin to the physical rigors of their dancer counterparts the musical artist-athlete must withstand occupational forces with superior stamina, body awareness, postural alignment and pitch-perfect motor control. All of these variables are welcome opportunities in the hands of a Physical Therapist with the experience and commitment to meet these musicians at their highest level of expectation. As lovers of music our most valuable contribution is, quite simply, to help them play on.